Introducing Mewes Juice E-Juice


Mewes Juice E-Juice line making its entrance on to the vape scene brought to us by Jason Mewes. Aside from being known as an avid vaper Jason Mewes is best known for his movie roles as Jay alongside Silent Bob in many Kevin Smith movies like the Clerks, Mall Rats, The Jay and Silent Bob Franchise, and more. The Mewes Juice line uses the motto “Five flavors as original and delicious as Jay himself” with each of the juices using a name related to his popular movie roles. While we can’t verify the claim of Jason Mewes being delicious, we can say we thought his juice most certainly is.

Let’s take a look at the 5 flavors Mewes Juice E-Juice has to offer:

Introducing Mewes Juice E-Juice
  • Mewes A Latte – Everyone needs a pick-me-up. In his vast wisdom, Jay infused his favorite flavored coffee into a smooth, perky vapor.
  • 15 Bucks – Enjoy Jay’s brisk blend of spearmint with a peppermint finish. It’s an icy blast of flavor with every puff.
  • Sugar Tits – Jay loves the refreshing, mouth-watering sensation of chewing a stick of watermelon gum. Why not vape it?
  • Doobie Snacks – This surprisingly tangy combination of sweet blueberries and juicy pomegranate is one of Jay’s faves.
  • Mewes Aid – It may not give you wings, but this bold, energizing flavor definitely packs a citrus punch.

So essentially we have a coffee, mixed mint, watermelon bubblegum, blueberry pomegranate, and an energy drink flavors which in all fairness are relatively common flavors these days but they are also really delicious juices. Mixed in a ratio of 80VG/20PG they work equally well both in a tank and with a dripper. Each 30ml amber bottle has a child resistant dropper cap and makes use of a tamper resistant seal. A nice little feature included is that each bottle has its own unique number which Jay has hinted will be useful for future promotions. Each bottle also included a flavor specific vape band. Mewes Juice E-Juice is here and you will just have to try it and decide for yourself.

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