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Introducing Innokin iSub Sub-Ohm Tank


Better late than never, the Innokin iSub Sub-Ohm Tank is their contribution to the sub-ohm tanks taking the vaping market by storm. Innokin has long been well known as an industry leader in innovation, durability, and quality and it would seem they plan to continue in that tradition with the iSub. This sub-ohm tank is […]

MistHub New Fulfillment Center


MistHub fulfillment center is moving to a new facility to improve speed, volume, accuracy, and customer satisfaction. Our warehouse will be closed on July 12th and July 13th. Regular shipping and fulfillment will resume Monday, July 15th. Thank you for your understanding and patronage.

Introducing the SMOKTech TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank


That’s the mantra of the vaping industry. More is better. We want more vapor, we want more options, we want more convenience, we want more quality, we want more, period. And thus, we have the SMOKTech TFV8, also known as the Cloud Beast. Smoktech started selling vaping equipment early in this game, pioneering a few […]